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– Our Goal –

Protect Your Business

Our technicians install, configure, and test the entire system then provide customer training on the system operation. Our cabling is out of view and we mount devices securely.

Prior to subscribing to our monitoring service, your business will be protected by Central Station 24/7 alarm monitoring of doors, motion, and glass-break sensors via phone line or wireless radio.

Securing the perimeter is the first line in the defense to detect an intruder. Designed with the primary purpose to either keep intruders out or captives contained within the area the boundary surrounds.

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Mobile Camera Tower

Unobstructed 360° degree view capable of supporting two security personnel. With the thermal camera options, you can see objects during the day or night. Our mobile camera tower includes great advantages.

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– About Us –
We provide security solutions for all your needs!
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Parsat Electronics Inc. operating under ParSecurity, was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

Since its inception, ParSecurity has committed to providing its commercial business clients with quality service and solutions. Our industry experts understand the strengths and weaknesses of various physical security products and work closely with each customer to design a solution that is optimized for their unique needs and budgets.

–  What Services we offer – 

We are committed to you !

Committed to offering real solutions to all of our clients
We provide each customer with training on the operation of their new security system. We stand behind each new installation with a one-year, no questions asked service contract that covers all system components that we have sold. We offer ongoing service and support of our installed equipment through either annual service agreements or on-call support services.

Intrusion Systems

Protects your business property and assets with a comprehensive set of intruder detection and alarm systems…

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Access Control

Allow and encourage the free flow of people and their work, but only at approved times, in approved places…

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Video Surveillance 

Real-time video streaming, recording, remote command & control access; produced by today’s high-resolution cameras and stored on high-capacity recorders…

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Since 2003, ParSecurity has delivered quality commercial security solutions to its customers.
Responsiveness and ongoing management services are key to our customer satisfaction.

We appreciate the ParSecurity video management services. They remotely access and manage our video surveillance equipment and will capture video segments to provide to the police when we have an incident.

Boost Mobile

We own and operate a number of tobacco stores in Twin Cities area. ParSecurity designed a video surveillance system that lets me monitor each store in real time from the convenience of my office. Now I know which stores are busiest and how my employees are performing.


We are in the document destruction business. The video surveillance system designed and installed by ParSecurity gives us the ability to monitor sensitive work areas and employees which are vital for maintaining the confidentiality of our work.


We operate multiple nightclubs and event centers. Our security needs included both access control and video surveillance. We turned to ParSecurity who designed a system that met our very unique needs. We’ve used their video management services on several occasions for video capture needed by the police.

Entourage Events Group

Our operation includes a grocery, bakery, and deli. We have been working with ParSecurity for over a decade and have recently upgraded the video surveillance system they installed five years ago. We decided to use ParSecurity for our new system because we were extremely satisfied with their products and support.

Holy Land Grocery and Bakery

Several years ago, we installed a video surveillance and security system that we purchased from a big box store. We soon learned that it wasn’t reliable and didn’t give us the flexibility and coverage we needed. We reached out to ParSecurity who installed an access control and video security system with high-grade products. Their installation of the system was professional and completed on-time and within budget

Northwest Islamic Community Center
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