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Parsecurity protects your business property and assets with a comprehensive set of intruder detection and alarm systems.

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Key Factors for Intrusion Systems

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Intrusion occurs when an unauthorized person enters your premises. At that moment, time is critical.

WHY IS securing your business with instrusion systems important?

When an unauthorized person enters your property, time is critical. ParSecurity protects your business premises and its assets with a comprehensive set of intruder detection and alarm systems.

We design a network of intrusion detection sensors unique to your business and its needs. That may include door contacts, motion detection, glass break sensors and other controls to monitor every possible entry point. We also offer a second line of defense that includes inside motion sensors and security cameras, offering video verification to help positively identify intruders in real time and ensuring that the police are dispatched for legitimate security breaches.

Each of our sensors is connected to on-site alarm panels which communicate with a central monitoring station. When a sensor detects suspicious activity, the panel alerts the monitoring station where a live person checks on your property’s security according to a prescribed action plan.

Alarm Monitoring

Services offer 24×7 response to intruder alerts. Our triple redundant service ensures that a dispatcher is immediately available to receive the alert and take the prescribed action.

ParSecurity offers remote, real-time video surveillance for its commercial business customers to improve police response and reduce or eliminate false alarm situations. Agents at our central station view live video feeds in response to a silent alarm notification. Agents access the situation based on the directions of each customer – and then take the appropriate action

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